Judging international contests

I recently had the honour to judge three different international wedding photography contests.

I’ve been asked to judge Collection 62 at Fearless Photographers, the final round at Bride Association, and the annual contest at Fotografi-Cameramani.

Selecting and evaluating the best wedding photos was a personal journey. Exceptionally high quality made the competition difficult to judge. It was a great experience and I hit a huge learning curve. 

An awesome photo involves, stimulates and provokes a range of feelings, reflections and memories. It identifies its subjects characters’ and their relationships. These essential aspects of photography make an image timeless.

Photography is incredibly subjective. Judging the round was very illuminating for me. I began to imagine what it might feel like for a bride looking at portfolios around the web. I was deluged with so many photographs, many of them quite good. But after a while, cliches became more cliche, odd compositions became awkward, and funky editing quickly became overwhelming. The majority of these images showed small silhouettes without any apparent connection or emotional arc.