Zsuzsi & Kehinde

Destination Love – A Nigerian Wedding in Budapest

It was a great honor to have been able to shoot one of the most beautiful weddings of 2015. At the pre-wedding party that preceded Nigerian traditions, I learned about the touching history of the two families, which had an impact on my photography the next day.

In Nigeria,  weddings are much more than the celebration of joining the lives of two people. It is more about two entire families join together as one by full of bright colours, tribal esque music, and ancient traditions. Nigerian couples often have two weddings, with a cultural wedding followed by a religious ceremony that is often more western in nature. These ceremonies are held days apart.

Zsuzsi and Kehinde lives in New York, the families and guests arrived from different corner of the globe. The first look and the portraits were at the extravagant Boscolo Hotel, one of the most luxurious of all hotels in the Hungarian capital. Freshly married at Calvinistic ceremony, the couple and the colorful guests headed to the Heroe’s Square for group pictures, and the bouquet toss. It took just a few steps to the 125 years old world famous Gundel Restaurant.