Elke & Andy

The Wedding that Rocked Walpersdorf

Early August, I was shooting a wedding at the picturesque backdrop of the renaissance castle. This venue is one of Austria´s most beautiful castles named Schloss Walpersdorf located in Lower Austria. What makes this fabulous location perfect for a wedding is the fact that it offers everything: a wonderful garden where the guests enjoyed a delicious drinks and fingerfood, an intimate chapel where the couple got married and a nice ball room for dinner, and party.

The couple got ready separately, fortunately both process has been covered. Andy spent the morning in a modern cozy apartman with his bestman, just a ten minute drive from the Castle. Elke and her company had a lot of fun during the make-up. Kicking off a wedding day like this is always a good sign for me. 

Elke looked stunning in her dress by Kelly Faetanini, no wonder Andy couldn´t keep his eyes dry. We didn’t set up a first look, the couple met according to the traditions at the chapel. The most memorable part was definitely the ceremony closing song, literally everybody was singing and clapping together, including the couple, family, and guests. Believe me, if I had known the lyrics, I’d join them. 

“What a party,” summed it up Elke their wedding what is probably the most romantic day of her life. The dream of a successful summer party with all the people they love, came true all in white.

This wedding means a more than a lot to me. The photo depicting an authentic intimate moment between the bride and her grandmother was selected to Insider’s 60 incredible wedding photos in 2020.

Wedding Photographer – Andras Rabloczky

Venue – Schloss walpersdorf austria